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Your committee has this year attempted to provide practical opportunities for you to get behind your camera and make some images.  The intention was to do this in a way that allowed everybody the freedom of doing their own thing within a club organised day or evening session and to provide a variation in subject matter.  It also allowed for those who like to be able to get advice from more experienced members to be able to do so within the group rather than missing the shot and having to find out later the reason why.

There are two more weekend sessions due to be arranged (date tba), November – a visit to Raptor Foundation to practice bird photography and December a visit to the Victorian Fair in Bedford for street and candid photography.  The take up rate for these events held so far possibly indicates that they do not seem to be universally popular.


In order to try to arrange sessions that you want could you all please reply to this with answers to the following:

Weekend photo trips.

1. Are you in favour of us continuing to arrange days out over weekends   Y/N

2. If so which is better                                                                                             Sat/Sun

3. Have you any suggestions as to what we might arrange in the future to provide you with photo opportunities you would like.

4. Have you any other comments about the monthly weekend events.


3rd Wednesdays of the month.

It is intended to try to have a few talks on photographic matters but obviously we could not afford this for every month.  For the other evening sessions can you answer the following:

5. Would you like these to be held only indoors or both indoor and outdoor sessions (eg occasional evening light, night shoots, etc)                                        Indoors only/ Both

6. Have you any suggestions as to what you would like to see in these evening sessions.

7. Have you any other comments about the monthly 3rd Wednesday evening session.


I can also recommend you come to the studio session that Martin has arranged for the 28th October.  If you have never done it before you should learn quite a lot about studio photography.  I must emphasise that the model will remain fully clothed and will pose for you rather than you having to give instruction.  It should be a great way to learn without having any of the things that put some people off of attending studio nights.


Please all respond to this as it is only by you saying what you would like from your club that we can try to arrange it for you.

Weekend photo trips.