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Open Competition 6th Jan 2016

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Ernie Baron Award Competition Creative Image 3rd Feb 2016

Open Competition 2nd March 2016

Annual Exhibition Competition Results

Section 1 Monochrome Prints – Trevor Moore Award

1 Ghostly Remembrance by Alan Goldby

2 Owl by Roy Backhouse

3 Grandad’s Photo by Roy Backhouse

HC Beach Tractor by Alan Goldby

Section 2 Color Prints – Colin Allen Award

1 Saltburn Cliff and Pier by Alan Goldby

2 Preening Pelecan by Alan Goldby

3 Steam Tractor by Roy Backhouse

HC Arches by Alan Goldby

Section 3 Three Related Prints – Kempston CC Award

1 Vision in Blue by Debbie

2 50 Shades of Red by Roy Backhouse

3 Eiffel Tower by Roy Backhouse

Section 4 Creative Print – Creative Award

1 Guard Duty  by Roy Backhouse

2 Pop Art by Debbie Pilgrim

3 Church by Roy Backhouse

Section 5 Five Related DPIs – Sue Benetar Award

1 African Elephants by Gordon Shering

2 On, in and Through the Water by Mercedes MacFarlane

3 Mushrooms by Kelly Rosborough

HC Butterflies by Alan Goldby

HC African Village by Gordon Shering

Section 6 DPIs – Kempston Urban District Council Award

1 Blenheim Palace by Alan Goldby

2 Antlers by Gordon Shering

3 Fredrick Rose by Alan Goldby

HC Yes that's my tale by Debbie Pilgrim

HC Giraffe by Gordon Shering

Nature Competition Bill Deacon Award 1st June 2016

Open Competition 6th July 2016


Wise Young Man


Michael C